Curvejumping Workshops


Curvejumping Workshops empower individuals and teams with new skills and creative capabilities for generating breakthrough ideas.  

We hear it all the time.  As companies pursue growth, leaders and teams are tasked with innovating new markets, products and services, yet they lack a clearcut methodology for how to generate breakthrough ideas. 

Through our research into the mindsets of leading innovators, artists, scientists and athletes at the forefront of their fields, we’ve developed the Curvejumping methodology - a simple, easy to learn process for generating original ideas with creative resonance, business relevance and the capability to jump innovation curves.

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We offer one day Curvejumping workshops for entrepreneurs and business leaders throughout the year in Seattle, NYC, LA and San Francisco.  

Taught by leading innovators and facilitators, our workshops help you learn powerful methods for overcoming barriers to breakthrough ideas and new strategies for taking your work and creativity to the next level.

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Workshops FOR TEAMS

We work with corporate teams to deliver Curvejumping workshops and offsites customized to your specific needs and objectives. 

Companies partner with us to take their offsites to the next level of team engagement, fulfillment and effectiveness.

We offer:

  • One day workshops focused on building creative and strategic capabilities.

  • One to three day team offsites applying our Curvejumping methodology to your business goals.  Teams leave our offsites with a new gameplan to drive growth.

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At the foundation of Curvejumping is a mindset shift.


Our Approach is Uniquely creative.

Most team offsites and corporate retreats don’t lead to people feeling more creatively inspired or motivated to do their best work.

We designed Curvejumping around experiential learning exercises that help people develop new mindsets, enabling them to envision new ways of problem-solving, building relationships and feeling creatively inspired to do their best work.


Practical benefits for leaders and teams


curvejumping CREATIVE WORKSHOPS are Built For COMPANIES seeking breakthrough ideas and inspired teams.

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Everything we've learned through our network of innovators has been distilled into custom workshops to inspire a new level of creativity, innovation and engagement. We work with a range of companies, including Google,, Red Bull, CreativeLive and OvaScience.

Through experiential learning exercises and creative workshops - combined with our ongoing support - we generate long-term gains for team motivation, engagement and employee retention.


Our clients include:



Curvejumping workshops help organizations retain and inspire their best and brightest people by giving them new capabilities for creative ideation and problem-solving.


“The [Curvejumping workshop] challenged me to be more innovative and creative in problem solving my daily work”

-        Curvejumping offsite participant


"Others on our team have said (and I wholeheartedly agree) that these [Curvejumping workshops] are something we look forward to every year, and a reason to stay at my company.”

-         Curvejumping event participant


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