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CReative Workshops

Research shows a majority of executives know innovation will be a primary driver of growth for their business in the future.  And yet, a majority of executives indicate disappointment with their ability to stimulate creative innovation.

We offer experiential workshops designed for teams and organizations that combine unique Curvejump learning exercises with ongoing guidance and support for executives and team leaders to nurture creativity on an ongoing basis.

Our programs involve:

+ Custom Curvejump workshops that combine remarkably different experiences with learning exercises and content designed to inspire long term creative mindset shifts

+ Synthesis of takeaways that provides a foundation for future learnings

+ Ongoing practical guidance on nurturing creative people and building a culture of innovation

We work with formal and cross-functional teams as well asorganizations.

Learn about our innovative Curvejump methodology.


It’s all about mindset.


Our Approach is Uniquely creative.

Most team offsites and corporate retreats don’t lead to people feeling more creatively inspired or motivated to do their best work.

We designed Curvejump around experiential learning exercises that help people develop new mindsets, enabling them to envision new ways of problem-solving, building relationships and feeling creatively inspired to do their best work.


Practical benefits for leaders and teams


Curvejump workshops help organizations retain and inspire their best and brightest people by giving them new capabilities for creative ideation and problem-solving.


“The [Curvejump workshop] challenged me to be more innovative and creative in problem solving my daily work”

-        Curvejump offsite participant



"Others on our team have said (and I wholeheartedly agree) that these [Curvejump workshops] are something we look forward to every year, and a reason to stay at my company.”

-         Curvejump event participant




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