Three Questions and a Fist Bump: Joel Einhorn

As a competitive athlete, serial entrepreneur and innovator, Joel Einhorn's recognition of the lack of natural products designed to provide essential energy and nutrition for those seeking peak performance led to the creation of his new company, HAHAH Life.

Since launching their first product, HANAH ONE, described as a "daily superfood" comprised of 30 ayurvedic herbs, honey, ghee and sesame oil, Joel's company has developed a core following of elite athletes, climbers like Jimmy Chin and those seeking increased mental acuity and immune boost.

The three questions we asked Joel Einhorn:
1. What are some things that people need to understand about Ayurveda?
2. We're often told that fats are bad for you. Why are they important for athletes to consume?
3. How has your outlook on life and the world changed since your accident and in what ways?

Fist bump: Who is someone jumping the curve in their respective field, and why would you want to give them a fist bump for it?

Joel's fist bump goes to Wired Magazine co-founder and former executive editor Kevin Kelly. Here's an interview between Kevin and our friend and advisor, Chase Jarvis at CreativeLive.

Joel Einhorn is the founder and CEO of HANAH Life, a company that discovers, protects and proliferates traditional health knowledge while sustaining their natural resources.

Alex Hillinger